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Making house music lately...

2012-02-26 17:22:21 by b4ttle

I think I'm doing pretty good. Mostly remixes, though.


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2012-02-27 04:20:11

sorry for my useless review the other day.
but i just find it, not good.
its nice you want to do it at ur own, with ur own style and so on.
but you really got to have some 'audio' rules.
or just; Mastering.

bc without a good setup [for example an EQ]
its not ur 'own' kinda thingy.. lol
hard to explain this.

but ehh well, i hope you can improve ur skillz man
i do look out hearing more from you tho, so dont get the wrong idea. :)

b4ttle responds:

I understand lol.

Audio rules... yeah... need to work on following those. XD

The Levels remix was the first house try that I actually tried to make house, the other ones before that I just couldn't find a good genre. :p (I don't like it that much either, so I kinda went back and did it all over again. :3)

Mastering; now this is what I need to work on. I've never been good at it. Seriously terrible at it, sadly...

Thanks. :)


2012-02-28 05:18:32

haha alright well i dont blaim you/
mastering REALLY takes time,
and to be honest; if you dont have time to.. practice, or experiment or anything else.
than the best nest thing to do is make time or just stop?
as long as you have fun doing what you like, im sure you will eventually make and get the time you need.

[really i do not want you to stop, but...
i have seen and heard enough people who eventually did stop or otherwise make time to practice skill]

i would love to help you out with anything you need,
you can hit me up, by PMing me,
so feel free to ask anything if you have any questions :)

peace man.

b4ttle responds:

Thanks so much.
I won't be stopping any time soon. :P